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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm Melting!

Seriously - if I lived in Arizona or somewhere similar, this wouldn't shock me nearly as much. But I live in New England. (which, I guess nothing weather wise should shock me anymore) Our lovely forecast for today:

It's not only the high temps that are bad, but it is bright, sunny and huuuuumid too. The dewpoint is in the 70's. Makes for some great hair days. Just plain uncomfortable.

But ironically, I am sitting here at my desk at work with the heater going. Yes, that's right. It's 100 degrees out, and I have a heater going. To keep my toes and fingers from turning purple from the excessive amount of air conditioning set at a crazy low temperature, I have a great little heater that sits under my desk. I've been tempted to sleep here at night....

The Gent's socks are underway - once I re-learned how to cast on and start two at once top down on one needle (used the deceptively simple cast on instructions here) I am about an inch into the ribbing. I didn't cast on the recommended 80 stitches - that just seemed like a lot. My Lorna's socks were with 72 stitches and fit great. The gauge looks about the same (I scientifically compared ribbing sizes to determine this) so I went with it. I really like how the rainbowy colors are working up so far.

The dogs are doing OK in the heat. I've been walking them at 5am (it was already 83 degrees this morning!) then they relax all day in the shaded semi air-conditioned house. Daycare has about 60 fans going (they have the really huge ones that fit an entire doorway!) and we've been filling the pools and hosing down the dogs that like it (and even some of the ones who don't!) They have plenty of shade, and none seem too out of sorts. I'm hoping it will cool down a little by Thursday night for our agility lesson - we've done nothing in weeks!