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Monday, July 31, 2006

A decision made

The RPM socks are complete, and very happy on the feet of their new owner! (please ignore the ridiculous amount of dog hair on the carpet - a result of a few extra paws here over the weekend!)


RPM Done with TuckerRecord time for me - 10 days! The medium weight STR was a real treat to knit with. No snags or splits (aside from the knots), and the twist was beautiful. Not to mention the color! I love the little bit of pooling I got on the leg, and the stripes on the foot. Hubby loves them and has been wearing them since they came off the needles!

RPM ridges

Love those ridges!

Speaking of knots, I got an email back right away from Kaci at Blue Moon. She said that when the mill runs out of one ply, they just tie on the next and keep it moving. I guess it is not unreasonable for them to have 3 knots in a 3-ply yarn. She also said that they try and catch them in the skeins but some hide from them. She added that they would like to make sure that I get a skein to replace it. Two days later I had this:

STR Star SapphireSocks That Rock Lightweight in Star Sapphire. Beautiful. Almost solid with a hint of variegation. I can'’t wait to use it! They were paramount in satisfying the customer, and enough cannot be said about their wanting to please. I will be buying from them again!

After casting off the last stitch and weaving in the ends on the RPM'’s, I immediately went off looking through patterns and trying to decide what to use for the Trekking. I went back and forth, clearly having a hard time. I consulted the web, my sister, and any other sources I could find. Should it be Cascading Leaves? Or The Gentleman's Fancy Sock? Or Pomatomus? Or the Fluted Banister socks? (similar to the Gentleman'’s Shooting Stockings in Knitting Vintage Socks) Finally, I realized that it is only sock yarn! It will look good in whatever pattern I do it in! So, after way too many contemplative moments, I chose my pattern.

Gent ready to startI figured in the end, simple is better for this pretty yarn. Let the yarn show off. Yes, that is my new KnitPicks needle! I am using the #1 and now I just have to remember how to cast on for two at once on one needle!

In exciting weather news, it'’s supposed to crest the 100 degree mark here by Wednesday. Remind me of this when the snow is flying and it'’s minus –100 out...