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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Look at it go!

I got a few inches of RPM done last night - I am loving the way the stitches swirl! I am doing a flat (stockinette) sole, and had to add one more repeat of the pattern to compensate for hubbys bigger feet. I will problaby decrease back down around the leg area though. This is my second use of the magic cast on and I really like it!

I really love the colors in this yarn. Because of my higher stitch count, it isn't striping as much as Aija's in her sample shown in the pattern. I got a little pooling (which is so tigerish!) and the stripes seem to be a bit thicker. However the colors want to play, I'm in! Even wound up in a ball the colors are rich and beautiful.

I stopped in at the farmers market they have begun to offer at work on Tuesday afternoons. I got some really yummy, fresh corn - so summer! Everyone enjoyed it!