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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Please sir, can I have another?

Another pair done! Can you believe it! Dad's poor socks have been languishing on the needles as I resized them multiple times. Finally, I think I have it right. They are big and almost slouchy on me, but very comfy. I think they will keep his feet nice and warm down in his office this summer!

In catching up with all the blogs I read I came across some great stuff! (Not that this was any different - I seem to always stumble across great stuff on everybody's blogs!)

Rosie has a great primer up on dying and color theory - I still have a cone of sock yarn to dye, so I'll be reading this first!

Need I say more - waffles!

The fall preview for IK is up. Definitely a few potentials here. I still have a few sweater quantities of yarn that I have projects slated for - Mariah and a cabled sweater from Rebecca being two, but it's always neat to see what a new season brings. Cables seem to be really popular - whose complaining! I love them! I really want to do the Tahki cabled sweater I started then frogged eons ago.

KnitPicks needles - love them! I have a feeling I'll be picking up a #3 circular for socks pretty soon (I ordered 0, 1 and 2's) as I have that whole cone of Henry's Attic Kona to knit up eventually. I won't go into a huge review as there are tons out there, but I like the pointier point and the cables are incredibly flexible! For $4.99 how can you go wrong! I had 3 shipped for just under $17!!

Have you seen the new yarns from KnitPicks? They are really expanding their line! The Knittyboard has a huge thread on them, and there are pictures here. The Gloss looks like it will make some indulgent socks! Worsted weight superwash! Yipee! I'd also be curious as to how the Shamrock knits up - I love tweedy!

I plan on swatching/starting the RPM's today. I wound my Tigers Eye yarn, and I'm set to go. I did find a neat tip on KR on how to knit it so you don't have to keep track of rounds (nice!) - I think I may do them toe up as well as two at a time - they are for hubby and I don't want to run out of yarn! I will have to re-size as even the large is not big enough. Gauge swatch, here I come! I'm guessing it will be pretty close to the socks I just made as the Louet Opal and the STR medium weight look very similar in diameter/twist. Hopefully they will be just as quick a knit!