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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fit to be tied

The first RPM sock is done. It fits him really great (well, maybe 1 or 2 rows too long, and the toe could have started out a bit flatter) and the most important thing is he said "I can't wait to start wearing these!".

My only trouble so far has been in finding knots. I remembered something that Aija wrote a while back, and noticed the same thing that she found. After taking a few pics, and re-reading her entry, I emailed Blue Moon. I found 2 "knots" (not really knots, but the plies were broken and knotted back together - the whole yarn wasn't knotted, but just a few of the plies) in 1/3 of the skein.
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I have only used about 55 gm of the 170 total on the skein, and have found 2 of these so far. I knit past them, but I wanted to let them know from a quality control standpoint more than anything. I wouldn't be shocked to find a knot in a skein, but when I found a second one and I had only done one sock, I figured I needed to let them know.

I do really love working with the yarn. It is super soft, the twist is nice and tight (something I am finding I really like in a sock yarn and will be looking for in the future) and the colors are beautiful. I'm glad I have another skein (Rose Quartz) waiting in the wings! Sock #2 has been cast on, and should be just as quick a knit.

The Vogue Knitting fall preview is up. Surprisingly, there are a handful of items that look pretty good.
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Cables, like in the IK preview, seem to be big this fall. I like the one where it seems as if the yarn is woven through at a diagonal. Simple with a nice touch. I also like the fair isle that has almost a cowl neck. And then the socks! The black and white pair remind me of some that can be found in Meg Swansen's Knitting (Grumperina posted a picture here) - the feet look like a fun challenge and a different way of doing a sock. The blue pair look a heck of a lot like Pomatomus of Knitty fame - slightly different, but very similar in the look. The pastel ones look like they have an interesting top of foot construction....all in all, I think I may actually buy this one!

We are doggy sitting again this weekend. 16 extra legs in the house! Six dogs, two people. Good thing we have a huge sectional sofa and a king size bed!