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Monday, June 26, 2006

Wrong time to forget the camera!

I can't believe I forgot my camera this weekend! Not only did I not have it to take extra cute pictures of the dogs, but the place we stayed was one of the most camera worthy ever! It was like we stepped onto the set of Dirty Dancing! Everything was quite "vintage" if you know what I mean. It was not one big hotel, but a bunch of little cabins and houses with multiple hotel type rooms in them. Each area had a name. We were in "South of the Border" though the only thing Mexican was 2 quite yard sale-ish figurines. The grounds were beautiful - surrounded by the Catskill Mountains, there was enough room for 3 rings of agility at once. (it made it quite confusing at times to figure out where you needed to be!) They had a few peacocks (the dogs loved those) as well as a Chinese Pheasant that was very pretty. What a trip. It was like you were transported in time - being out of touch with the world didn't help either - no cell reception, newspaper or TV and worst of all, no Dunkins!!!! We got coffee Thursday on our drive out there, but didn't have it again until we drove home last night! Torture! They did have coffee at the resort, but it wasn't really drinkable.

All in all, this story would best be told with pictures, of which I sadly have none. Words just cannot describe. (I guess I could take clips of Dirty Dancing and paste them in.....) So, all I have is Falling Leaves progress.

Sorry for the dark photos - another rainy day here!

I'm trying to figure out when I should start ribbing - I want to use as much of the yarn as possible, so I think I'll just wing it - I don't need much yarn for the ribbing. They fit great and I like the lace pattern. The stripes are a little distracting from it, but not too badly!

PS - My Trekking did come with me, there is just no pictures of it next to the peacock or kitchy 70's furnishings....