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Thursday, June 22, 2006

If my head wasn't attached

It would be long gone. We are leaving around 2pm today for New York. Am I packed - no. Are my errands done? - no. Am I at all organized? - no. Sigh.

The kennel has been nuts all week. We are approaching the crazy summer season and 4th of July weekend so we are packed full of boarders (not to mention the twentysomething daycare dogs that are there every day!). They are streaming in all week! So, along with boarders, daycare dogs and starting new sessions of agility, puppy kindergarten and beginner obedience classes, I have not been getting home at a regular hour. I pulled in at almost 8 last night, then a friend came over to talk about some things I am helping her make for her wedding at the beginning of August. By the time I showered and glanced at a clock it was almost 10pm.

Needless to say, pictures of the Falling Leaves fell short. I am about 3-4" up the leg though!

Work today is a severe inconvenience - I have so much to do! I ended up coming in extra early so I could leave early and attempt to get everything accomplished.

I promise Falling Leaves pictures as well as doggies, scenery and Trek when I get back! (head and all!)