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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It seems like there is not too much to write about in the past day or two. I'm done with the Falling Leaves socks and just need to do the ribbing at the cuffs. I need to swatch for the next pair - the Simply Lovely Lace Socks from the Spring IK. I'm planning on using the yellow Louet Gems Opal I got in Maryland. Hopefully I can get gauge! I did get some #3 and 4 Addi's from Vincy Ming's ebay store. They came really quick from Hong Kong, and the price was right.

The new hoopla around the knitblog world seems to be the new KnitPicks Options Needles. They have both an interchangable set, as well as regular circular and DPN's. From all the reviews I've read (Aija has a great list of compiled reviews here(scroll down to #5) - and don't pass up a glance at her sock yarn stash while you're there!) they seem like the best of both worlds - the flexible cord and slickness of Addi's with the nice points that Addi's are missing! The price can't be beat. I may just have to try a few pairs of smaller circulars for socks and trade away the Addi's if they work out. I'm bending the heck out of one trying to torque it into stitches for some of the decreases. It gets really exhausting!