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Thursday, June 08, 2006

We have lace!

Now I know why Kathy always calls them "Stumpos" or "Bluntos" - the Addi's have no point! Doing the k2tog's and ssk's in the pattern is a battle sometimes if the stitch is too tight. There is no real point (even on the #1's I'm using) to dig into the stitch with. I think my needles now have a gentle curve to them from all the digging. It gets a bit annoying after a while.

Any suggestions as to circulars in 32-40" length that come in sizes 0-3 with a pointy point? I think the Inox Express needles I have in a size 2 are a bit pointier, and they do make them in a #1 comprable to Addi's 2.5mm #1 size. Maybe I'll have to hunt some down. The cords aren't as nice though, and it's a 40" rather than the 32" I have now with the Addi. Extra cord - ick.

Dispite the annoyance every time I have to decrease, I am making decent progress. I am still not sure about the striping. It's the blue that is making it look striped. It doesn't go the whole way around, but it is close enough with the darker green that it looks striped. Knitting with a few varigated yarns that pooled or striped when I didn't want them to has made me look for very short color repeats so it will be truly varigated. But, I will continue on - I do like the bright colors, and the majority is yellow, so the pattern should stand out ok. (If I'm putting this much work into socks, I want the stinkin' pattern to show!) This is 2.5 repeats done.

I also finished up the toe on one of dad's socks. After a lengthy phone conversation, having him re-measure the length of his toes, his whole foot, and everything inbetween, I determined the diagram I have is correct as far as measurements, but for some reason, socks knitted to those measurements are too long. I ripped back about 1/3" of the foot and started the toe. I'm not kitchnering it shut until he tries it on. If this works, I'll make notes on the diagram so I'll know for next time. He did like them otherwise - my parents have central air conditioning and his office is in the basement, so it is actually colder down there in the summer than in the winter, so these socks will be done just in time! (If it ever stops raining!!! I'm getting ready to hit Home Depot and buy lots of lumber to build an ark!)