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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Twice the Toes!

I'm not sure why the first toe took me so long (it even seemed like it took forever) as I managed to whip off the second toe in about an hour! I loaded the first toe back onto my trusty Addi, and now I am all set to start the lace section. My first lace ever! (not that it's really lace lace, but it's holey, so I guess it counts!) The second toe was actually fun! I'm anxious to see how this 2 on 1 will work out. I have a 32" needle and it seems plenty long right now. I hate having the extra cord waving around when I loop.

I'm thinking/hoping the yarn won't pool. There are pretty short color repeats of the blue, but the green and yellow I'm a little worried about. The colors are light enough that I think the pattern will show through ok. Time will tell!