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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Take your yarn to work day

Inspired by Sarah and her sock at work (how jealous am I that she gets to bring her dog!) I did the same. (all this rain is making me desperate for some kind of entertainment) Plus, I missed taking photos of Trek's last "real" trek...

Trek ready to boot up and log in for a fun filled day at work

Relaxing in those oh-so comfortable office chairs

I'd show you a view of Trek looking out the window onto the view of the beautiful lake beyond, but unfortunately, my office is 2 floors underground. No windows here.

I'm waiting for Trek to offer to take me to lunch for showing him around today. Somehow I think I'll be waiting a while.

Onto knitting content....
Falling Leaves are 99% done. I just have about 30 stitches to bind off and they are complete!

Getting suckered into the Knittyboard Thread to flash your sock yarn stash, I gathered it all together. A lot smaller than most, but I'm happy with it....

Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra and Soft Touch Heather bought at MDS&W

Socks That Rock Tigers Eye and Rose Quartz picked up at The Fold's booth at MDS&W

Koigu Ends from their booth at MDS&W

Henry's Attic Kona from a co-op

trek CTH TWF Tess

Trekking XXL #100, Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Brights, Three Waters Farm, and Tess Supersock

all picked up at MDS&W (except the CTH - I got that from a stash sale!)

That's all folks! So, you can problaby tell I got about 90% of it at MDS&W this year. Before that I pretty much had almost nothing. I know with plans to go to both Rhinebeck and Stitches East it will be increasing rapidly!

Off to Albany tomorrow for the last agility trial until the end of summer. Sad, but happy. I'm looking forward to having some weekends to laze around!