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Monday, May 22, 2006


Not much knitting content in this post, but lots of treats of other kinds! (though I did finish the leg of my dad's sock..)

Before I left for the trial in New Hampshire at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, my hubby gave me my birthday present as he was afraid it "wouldn't hold" until I got back Sunday night for my birthday today....I couldn't imagine what it could be until he presented me with this:

I have been coveting Wicked Whoopies ever since we saw a segment on them on the Phantom Gourmet a while back. I am a huge (to put it mildly) whoopie pie fan. I have had the traditional version of chocolate with the sweet vanilla type filling everywhere. But these people put me over the edge. They have all kinds of flavors and fillings. Pumpkin, chocolate chip, raspberry.....they all look so good! The box was packed perfectly - bubble wrap to protect the squishable whoopie pies, festive birthday themed paper and a very cute card. You peel back the layers of wrapping and there were 12, yes, a dozen whoopie pies packed in there! These things aren't tiny either. They are about the size of my hand! He got me the Raspberry Cream variety - golden cake on the outside and the traditional fluffy cream inside with raspberry filling. We split one immediately and I was in heaven. The cake was perfect - moist but not too sweet. The filling - oh the filling. The cream filling on whoopie pies is a very specific thing. It's not just frosting. It is this mysterious mix of sweet, creamy and fluffy all in perfect balance. A bad filling throws the whole pie off. This filling - perfect. Not sickly sweet, and nice and fluffy. The raspberry filling complemented it perfectly. A nice shot of fruit taste. Ahhhhh. If you are at all a whoopie pie fan, I highly, highly recommend these. I am thinking about a road trip to Maine in the near future where the store is to try some of the other flavors. So good.

On the doggie front, the boys did pretty well this weekend considering there was a tornado spotted about 5 miles from the trial site on Sunday. The weather was sunny both days (yay!) and after a rough start, they bounced back with nice runs at the end of the day. We have a 3 day trial this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to both the weather, which is supposed to be warm and sunny, and really trying to push the boys a little in their runs to see if they can cut their times a little.

We did see a nice rainbow on the drive home - after the jet black clouds pulled away.