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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Attack of the Giant Whoopie!

My Birthday Cake was amazing.....

That is my husband's hand (he is 6'2"!) - how cool is that!!! A 5 pound whoopie pie! I have been in Whoopie Heaven for the past few days! Check out the amount of filling in this bad boy!!

I got some really cool and useful gifts. From my parents, some great rain boots (modeled expertly by the boys)

They will come in very handy with all the soaking weather we have had here. They are such a pretty color, and exactly what I wanted!

My sister got me a pair of comfy clogs in a pretty dark purple (I'm all about the comfy colorful shoes!). A pair of zero gravity chairs also came from my parents (these are great to have at the trials - they are sooooo comfy!)but, I think this was the wackiest, funniest gift of all:

I used to love these things as a kid. You always ended up eating more paper than candy, but they were one of those great penny store finds. It will be fun to see if the thing can produce something similar to the real stuff. (If not, I can always use the food coloring to dye yarn, right?)

Just so you don't think this has turned into "As The Whoopie Turns" there has been knitting going on. My dad's new sock so far is coming along well. It is going quick and I should get the heel done today, and most of the foot tonight. He's staying with us tonight for a conference he has in the area, so I really want to get it just about done to make sure it will fit, and have a template for sock #2. The trial this weekend should give me plenty of time to knit as well - the weather is supposed to be decent, and I am getting into the swing of things and not rushing around so much. More time to relax and knit in my new chair wearing my new clogs!!

I promise, back to the normally scheduled knitting content next post! (though there may be some gratuitous cute doggie pics as well!)