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Monday, May 15, 2006

So Proud! (and very wet!)

After feeling like the human sponge all weekend (I think we got about 6" of rain!) the boys did pretty well at the trial.

The rain wasn't too bad on Saturday, but Sunday was pretty miserable. We were all soaked, and Otis was less than thrilled about being out in it. I know for the future to just not take him at all if it's raining too much. He was miserable! Tucker did well. Didn't really care about the rain, but was distracted with the aromatic mulch the workers put down to sop up some of the water and mud. I'm so proud of them!

With all the rain, I didn't get to walk around much on the trial grounds like I normally do, so I sat under the tent and knit for a bit. I got the foot of the sock done, and the heel, but then somehow dropped a stitch somewhere and couldn't figure it out. The wraps and double wraps were making me crazy, so I just ripped it out and will re-do the heel. Not a huge setback, but annoying none the less.

My sister is just about done with a crochet blanket she made - how cool looking is this! (and it's HUGE!)