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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Could it be?

I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing on Tuesday night. There was some big, strange, bright yellow thing in the sky.

After a week and a half of rainy, cold, cloudy weather, Mr. Sun finally made an appearance. The forecast isn't too shabby for today either.

But, after reading a bit further, I see this depressing headline:

I guess 2 days of nice weather should hold us for another month or so, right? It makes me want to scream. I managed to get the field that is my lawn mowed last night, and things are starting to dry out - just in time for more rain.

Isn't New England great?

On the knitting front, I only have the ribbing left to complete my second Jungle Sock. I'm trying to figure out what sock I'd like to do next. Since June's PS color is blue, I was thinking of using this mostly blue yarn from Three Waters Farm. I picked it up in Maryland as my last purchase after spying Lolly's grab from there.

Any pattern suggestions? I was thinking maybe jumping on the bandwagon and making Pomatomus (does that count as lace?), but if anyone has any other good patterns for a not totally varigated yarn (it has a bunch of "solid" spots) I'd love to hear them. I'm always on the lookout! Maybe I'll flip through Ms. Walkers books one more time. I want something patterned but not too crazy for this yarn.

I also need to come up with my entry for the first challenge of the Amazing Lace. Considering my favorite team won The Amazing Race last night, I have some good inspiration to draw on. Me + Lace = who knows what. We are delving into the unknown! I have a while to think about the outcome and what it may be!

The Linen Print pullover needs to get back on some needles as well. Since those needles happen to be #15's, I'm less than thrilled to start it up again. They just hurt, and I'm really starting to build a real bond with my Addi #1's. I loooove them.....