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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Week To Go!

I can't believe the festival starts a week from tomorrow! I am so excited! I'm starting to compile my lists of vendors I want to see, projects to shop for and things to do. To actually do some "social" knitting stuff, I plan on heading over to the Knitbloggers Ball coordinated by Mama-E. It should be a blast! Lolly and I are also planning a more "relaxed" meet up on Monday night at a local Panera (yum!). I am looking forward to a busy but at the same time relaxing and fiber filled weekend!

I got a few inches done on the TDLPR (Top Down Linen Print Raglan - have to find a better name for that thing!) and I think the gauge and "holeyness" will work well with a cami or long sleeve tshirt underneath (which is what I was aiming for). I didn't want to do too much to aggravate my wrist, so I just did a little.

On the needle front, I am always amazed by the speed and response of this knitblog community. I posted an "in search of" topic on the forums over at Knitters Review and within a few hours, I had people willing to sell me both sizes of needles! How unbelievable is that! It is just crazy that someone out there was willing to get rid of exactly the size I was looking for! So, 40" #0 and 32" #1 Addi's are streaming my way as we speak. I'm anxious to try them out on the Lorna's that has been sadly sitting and staring at me since I got it......

Someone (it was a no-response, so I couldn't respond! One frustrating thing about blogger....)posted a comment about the cone of Henry's Attic I got - I haven't divided it up yet, but I plan on making it into 4 4oz skeins. The yarn is heavier than most fingerings (it looks pretty big compared to Lorna's) - you can see a great comparison here. She has so many sock yarns, it was great to see them side by side. I got the cone through a co-op run by this yahoo group. I don't think they are taking new members, but you could get on the waiting list I think. Anyway, I plan on doing some semi solids and maybe some varigated - haven't really decided. I have to buy some dye. I plan on using the "real" stuff this time to get some nice, rich, true color. Another thing to add to the Maryland list!