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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitter Down

My wrist has really been bothering me the past few days. It was a sudden onset, not while I was doing anything, but any kind of pinching or gripping activity really bothers it. So, I have not done any (gasp!) knitting the past few nights. I did manage to capture a shot of the progress so far on Clapotis:

The colors are really pretty, and you can't even tell when I started the 2nd ball of yarn. The ridges it creates by using the pearl stitches as "markers" are neat (almost makes me want to keep it this way!)
The yarn tends to stick to the needles a bit, so I wasn't even going to tempt fate and try to knit a little on it. I still have the 6 increase rows to do after my 5 full sets. I'm wondering if I have to do those...I'll broswe the boards and see if I can come up with an answer.

The Linen Print Top Down Raglan (LPTDR) has actually gotten to the swatch stage! I tried it on 10.5's, 11's and 13's. The 13's were just too lacy. So, the 11's it was. I'm getting about 16/4" (how they got 12/4 I have no idea - even on 13's I was still at 14/4 and it was really holey), so I started the fun part (seriously - I love math and calculations and diagrams - scary, huh?) I have my basic plan. I'm using the Raglan Sweater Pattern from Knitting from the Top and tweaking it just a little. It uses double increases instead of the Kfb, slip marker, Kfb. I have always liked the look of the Kfb increases, and I think the prettyness of the double increases she lists in the book (all 10 of them!) will be lost on my chunky, printed yarn. I'll have to try and see.

I'm browsing my sock books to find a pattern for hubby other than K3P1 rib. He is begging for another pair, and he says he will wear any pair I make him, no matter what color or pattern. Being nice, I figure the orangey CTH potluck I got will work just fine. I plan on getting some more "manly" colors in Maryland next week. (oh my gosh! It's next week!!!!!!) I know I need a bunch of solid colors as well (or almost solids) as there are lots of beautiful stitch patterns out there waiting to be made! Aija has posted so many skeins of new sock yarn she's acquired in the past month she has made my head spin! (just look at her past few entries!) All the colors and brands - she has given me lots to look for when I'm down in Maryland.......I can't wait!!!