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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's almost here!!!!!!

I can't believe the festival is this weekend! We are heading down to my cousin's in Columbia on Thursday, and staying until Tuesday. Making a nice long weekend of it. My sister and I plan on being at the festial before it opens. If only the weather holds out....

I'm assembling what I want to bring - lists of projects/yardage requirements, a color wheel for picking dyes, water, TP, munchies, an extra backpack. My Camelbak worked so great last year - it held all the water we needed, with room for goodies also. Plus, it got lighter as the day went on as the water depleted! I'll probably bring it again, plus another regular backpack. We can each wear one. We brought munchies last year, and were anxiously awating the deep fried Twinkies, but no luck. The vendor wasn't there! Hopefully he will be back this year. I have a few must see vendors, and a list that's quite long of others I'd like to see. Then, the rest is just wandering and browsing and lots of fondling of fiber! Now that I know what to expect I feel a lot more prepared for the sensory onslaught. I am so excited!

As for knitting, my wrist is so much better. I think the few days off really helped. I've been trying to be more aware of stretching it out too. I made some progress on the LPTDR. The rounds get longer and longer (and longer) with each increase round by 8 stitches. I think I problaby have about 4 more increase rounds to go, then I can put the sleeves on holders. I've used I think 3 balls and just started my 4th. They only have about 60 yards on them, so they go quick. How great to knit a ball a night!

I also got my Addi's in the mail! The cord feels nice and flexible, and I'm really restraining myself to not try them out. But, that will be a car project for the drive down to Maryland. I figure I can do a gauge swatch on both the 2.0mm (#0) and 2.5mm (#1) with the Lornas Laces and see what I get as far as both gauge and fabric density. Those needles will be seeing lots of use!

Somehow I ended up with eight issues of IK waiting at the library for me! I actually only wanted the Spring 2004 issue for the Waving Lace Socks pattern. I saw a recently completed pair here and loved them. In flipping through the pile of magazines I came across Madil's Shawl in the Summer 2004 issue. I have never been attracted to lace except on socks. But it was very pretty, simple and not too "pointy" (if that makes any sense). If a cone of laceweight is a good enough deal in Maryland, it may be coming home with me.....