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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Short Row Short Circut

I went on a pattern search to make another pair of socks for hubby before he wears out the first pair (he wears them every chance he can get!). I have 3 balls (384 yd) of Patons Country Garden (DK weight). Being a bit bored and looking for something new, I decided to dive in and try Wendy's Toe Up Sock Pattern. That way, I figured, I could just knit a ball and a half for each sock until I ran out at the cuff. Hub doesn't like tall socks anyway, so I figured it was the best plan of attack. Eagerly, I did my provisional cast on and started knitting. I got through the wraps once, started to knit the wraps, then panicked. Did I do the provisional cast on right? It seemed eerily similar to the Tubular cast on I am now so enamored with. Making sure I wanted to do it right, and knowing that I wouldn't have live stitches when I ripped out the crochet chain from a Tubular cast on, I frogged the entire thing. I looked again at the my cast on bible (The Knitters Book Of Finishing Techniques) I had one of those huge DUH! moments. (Literally - I smacked myself on the forehead as I actually said it out loud!). The Tubular and Provisional cast on are the same up until the point in the Tubular that you knit into the first row to form the tube part and keep it from being live stitches when you unravel the chain. The provisional just omits this step! Frustrated, but glad I had checked, I once again set up my crochet chain and started knitting and wrapping. Again, I got to the point where I have wrapped all my stitches and the instructions say:

Row 1: Knit across the 14 live stitches across to the first unworked, wrapped stitch. To work this stitch, pick up the wrap and knit it together with the stitch. (I did this)

Wrap the next stitch (so that it now has two wraps) and turn. (I did this)

Row 2: Slip the first (double-wrapped) stitch and purl across to the first unworked, wrapped stitch. Pick up the wrap and purl it together with the stitch. Wrap the next stitch and turn. (I did this)

On subsequent rows you will pick up both wraps and knit or purl them together with the stitch.

This is where the problems started - picking up two wraps and knitting it with the stitch - how do you put 2 wraps on the left needle to knit them? I had such a time even trying! I got the wraps on the needle, but coulnd't for the life of me knit them with the stitch! Is there a trick to this? For one wrap, I just pick up the wrap with the left needle from front to back to front and just knit it w/the stitch. The double wraps I am having such a problem with!

Also, do I continue double wrapping all the stitches, or just these first 2? (it says "subsequent rows" which leads me to believe I do, but I want to make sure.

I have done socks before, but not short row toes/heels (my last few attempts have been a disaster). Until now, I have avoided doing short row heels and toes because I have never been able to successfully do them. Help!

PS - If you noticed the progress bars I decided on my next project!
PPS - I am still working on my March Project Spectrum project. Red Velvet cupcakes. I made a batch the other night and they turned out less than desirable. I have another version I'll try tonight.