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Friday, March 31, 2006

Of Stash, Socks and Such

This week has gone by so fast I almost forgot about Flash Your Stash! I guess I better get out the camera when I get home tonight. I did a bunch of reduction of the stash recently. A bunch of great people have been snatching up the yarn on my swap page. More funding for MD!

I did get word that the sock yarn I ordered from the co-op back in February is finally here! I got a 1 pound cone, so I think it is about 1200 yards. Hopefully 3 pairs of socks worth! I'm excited to try some more dying.

The heel is in sight of the toe up socks. I decided not to rip out my second toe attempt and instead give these socks to my dad. They fit me pretty perfectly, and since we have just about the same size feet and his fuzzy feet were a complete disaster, they will be going to him.

In reading Stephanie's post today about list making and how it takes some of the fun out of picking your next project, I thought, "hmmm - that sounds very familiar".

I'm an avid list maker as well, and have the many Excel spreadsheets to prove it. I really identified with how she felt, as I've started feeling a bit of the same lately when I stare at my stash, and then my lists (on the spreadsheets, of course) to try to find a match for my next project. It almost feels like some kind of recipe gone bad. I am missing an ingredient and am floundering around trying to find something, anything, that will work instead. In the guilt to try and use up the stash before I buy anything else, and the long list of projects I have come across and really liked at the time, I often end up maybe doing a few swatches, but rarely finding anything that truly works and makes the "recipe" a success. Most (probably 85%) of the time I buy yarn for a specific project. I am not a waster, or a keeper, so I hate having yarn sitting around without a purpose. The problem arises when I buy yarn for a specific purpose, then it doesn't work. That, to me, is utter frustration. I seem to either get gauge right away, or I never, ever get it no matter how hard or how many needles I try. I think that may be contributing to my recent mutiny of sweaters and clothing items in favor of more "easy fit" things like socks and handwarmers. I'm hoping it's just a funk, but just to light a new fire under my knitting (not literally - burning wool smells horrible!) I may try (yes, try) to follow Stephanie in your quest for freedom from lists - even just on one project. Wish me luck as I attempt to pry the lists out of my hands.....