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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Red Red Red (maybe pink?)

Being that there is about two weeks left in Project Spectrum, I guess I should get on the ball with something red or pink. I plan on doing a little more dying with some more off white yarn, this time orange and pink. But, I'm also craving something sweet - cupcakes to be exact. I'm thinking, what is more perfect for Project Spectrum - Red Velvet Cupcakes! So, I'm off internet hunting for a good recipe for them. Anyone know of one? (in print or on the web)

I also got my second Clover plastic circular yesterday to try to use with some sock/glove knitting - it's a size 3, so it should be good for the bigger socks and gloves.....isn't it cute!

It's only 8.25" long! It should be a trip to knit with, if my hands can handle it!

The Snowflake hat is 100% done! Hoping to get modeled pictures tonight if my sister cooperates!