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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ouch! I've been bitten!

Sock Bug attacks! After finishing the sockee, for some reason I was not really into starting Tricot quite yet. I was wanting something smaller, quicker on the needles. Not necessarily fiddly knitting, but something a little smaller. Ah Ha! Socks! And, and as luck (and the knitting gods) would have it, I found some yarn and a pattern that would work. The Sockotta was the last of my sock yarn stash, but I did get a skein of Wool Ease sportweight in trade in some nice muted woodsy/autumn tones. I have yet to knit anything for my hubby yet - he doesn't wear sweaters - so I thought socks would be nice. And, after seeing a few completed pairs around the blogging world, and knowing that the varigation in the yarn would not be a problem for the pattern, I cast on for Thuja!

In watching the Bachelor finale (yes...I did watch) and Scrubs last night, I have this much done!

Not bad! The sportweight yarn makes it go nice and quick, and the pattern is easy easy!!

In my recent affliction, I also requested these from our library:

We have such a great library. The physical library is pretty small (though they are doing a HUGE renovation and expansion soon!) but we have quite a few shelves of knitting books. Turns out the library director (who is in charge of buying all the books) is a knitter! Even if we don't physically have the book at our library, we have a great network, so I hop on line, request it, and it's delivered to my library in a matter of days! I always get comments when I go in to pick up my books - I guess the staff (all older women who knit) thumb through everything I request (which tends to be a lot!) and see if they'd like anything for our library. I'm glad I can be such a resource!

I'm heading to the Knitters Breakfast at Fabric Place this Saturday. It was a lot of fun last year, got some great door prizes, and met some nice people. I may even get some sock yarn......