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Monday, February 27, 2006

An Unintended Gold!

I didn't even enter the knitting Olympics as I really didn't think I could both start and finish something in the 16 days. My outback hoodie is done and blocking, but I started that way before the Olympics. The sockees were almost done, and those too, were also started before opening ceremonies. Until my sister tried them on.

In the end I got knitting gold. The sockees were started and finished within the days of the winter games. I cast on for the second one just last weekend, finished it mid week, and ripped out the first one and re-cast on for that one. Ironically, without even realizing at the time, I was kitchnering during the closing ceremonies last night.

Pre- kitchner shot

So in the end, I claimed Olympic Victory!

The Outback hoodie went together easily. Doing the set-in sleeves on Hope made these realatively simple to figure out. The hood is still a concern though. I have to try the whole thing on once it's dry tonight. I re-blocked after I assembeled it, and it's waiting at home putting some much needed humidity in the air (can you say static!! The dogs crackle every time they get up off the couch!)

The color choice for Tricot is at a standstill. I just can't decide. Here is what I have left of Cotton Ease for colors:

I'm not sure which to put together. The blues are nice, but I just finished Hourglass in almost the same blue. Lavendar and black? The yellow is pretty bright, so I'm not too sure about using that. I could just make it a solid color - I just like the idea of a comfy pullover for spring.

On the agility front, both dogs did weave poles last night for the first time with no aid of any kind! On to more trials! They are so smart!