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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finally some pictures

I have been to lazy to download the pictures off the camera until today. Serious lack of motivation in some areas! So, the sleeves for Outback are blocking, hopefully to be seamed tonight, and the body/hood is all assembled and the ribbing trim done.

Looks kinda funny, doesn't it?

The hood came out kind of small looking - by the model picture it looks all big and drapey (not like I'll really wear the hood) so I'm hoping a blocking will solve it and at least get it to lay pretty flat.

The sockees are another story. After mulling the toe issue (doesn't fit my sister) I frogged the toe of sockee #1.

Then, after looking at how the heel fit her, I changed heels on sockee #2 to a flap/standard heel. I think it will be a little deeper and fit better. So, I have to now frog the whole foot on sockee #1 also. For ankle socks, these are taking forever! I also discovered that I did the ribbing pattern wrong! It is a k6p2 ribbing, you are supposed to knit a round, then do a ribbing round. Duh. I just did ribbing, no knit round. Oh well. They will be nice and stretchy!

I also need to paroose the stash this weekend to come up with my next project as Outback is (finally) just about done. Oh - and seaming it - I problaby have about 1.5 oz of yarn left (pen for

size comparison). I'm thinking I may start Tricot next and use up more of the cotton ease stash I have. Plus, it will be a nice spring sweater to wear.

I do have to consider Project Spectrum - reds/pinks for March. My next pair of socks are grey and purple, so no go there. Tricot will probably be blues and/or yellow, no red there. Maybe something non knitting? I'll have to think on this one!