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Friday, February 10, 2006

Pictureless Post

Not much to post today. I've been working on the sleeves for the Outback Hoodie - I'm about 1/3 of the way done. Still working off the remants of the first ball, and using the 2nd ball for the other sleeve. I did 3" of ribbing instead of 4", but my arms are not the longest, so I'm not anticipating the 1" will make a huge difference. I bet it will block out just fine as my row gauge is usually a little off.

We are supposed to get slammed with a foot of snow overnight Saturday, so I fully plan on taking advantage and doing my own little knit-in. On the agenda: finish sockee #2, try the duplicate stitch on M's sweater - if it looks crappy, I'll just rip out the neck and ladder down. I'm really hoping I don't have to do that. I'd also like to finish the sleeves on Outback and do a weigh in to see where I stand. The back will take more yarn then the front as there is a deep V-neck. But there is the hood and picked up ribbing to consider. Only the scale will tell.

I have a pair of handwarmers to start for a friend at work's daughter. (She is the one I gave the purple warmers to). Her daughter almost took them from her she loved them so much. But, being the teenager she is, she wanted black. So, she got me some Wool-Ease (they had to be machine washable) and picked the simple Voodoo Wrist Warmer pattern from Knitty. Should be a quick knit. I'll eventually knit the ones for me (Mosaic Mitts from the Summer 2004 IK). I know I'll need them at work this summer as they crank the AC up so high it's almost as cold as winter!