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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Duplicate it is

Well, the majority seemed to think that trying to duplicate stitch the boo-boo (that is really not quite severe enough a phrase, but I am making the effort not to think about it too much) on M's red sweater. I guess it can't hurt to try that first, then if that fails and looks horrible (I have never done duplicate stitch before!) then out comes the neckline and I will ladder down. Sigh.

I cast on (loving the tubular cast on!!) for both sleeves last night and did a bunch of the ribbing. I'm anxious to see if I will have enough yarn. I'm thinking not, but I've been surprised before, and I tend to overestimate the amount I need.

The original pattern calls for 20 balls of yarn at 53 yds each. So, that is a total of 1060 yards. I am getting gauge for the pattern (16/4) and it is also the gauge of the Outback Wool. I have 3 balls at 375 yds each totaling 1125 yds. Should be enough, right? I'm not worried about seaming as I can always do that in a similar color Patons I have tons of that will blend right in. Fingers (and needles) crossed I won't have to frog the whole thing.

It is a hoodie and has ribbed trim around the deep v-neck and hood. Any ideas where I could cut back on yarn use? I know ribbing takes up more yarn than plain stockinette, so I think on the arms I'm going to only do 3" of ribbing vs. the 4" called for - I like loose sleeve bottoms anyway.

I ordered a cone of Henry's Attic Kona Superwash from the yarn co-op. I can't wait to get it! A pound is about 1120 yards, so that should make a bunch of socks. I have to stock up on some Kool Aid too. I plan on dying all of it!