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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tempting the knitting (and Ebay) gods

And I won! I knit like a fiend this weekend - my little cousins were here most of it, so I got little knitting done until Monday. But, on Monday I sat down and finished the front, hood and picked up all the stitches for the ribbing. I will have enough yarn! I may not have enough to seam, but that is ok - I have several yarns that will work for it if needed. I had been watching the yarn on Ebay nervously - if someone bought the 2 skeins she had, I was in trouble if I needed it, but with money the way it is right now, I didn't want to buy it if I didn't need it as there was no way to return it (though I guess I could have swapped it). Someone did buy one skein yesterday, and I had a moment of almost weakness when I was tempted to hit the "Buy It Now" button, but decided to take the chance, and if the knitting gods determined the hoodie to be, it would be with the yarn I had. And, luckily, they smiled on me! I did kind of a quickie blocking job just to get the shoulder and neck area flat enough to seam and pick up the ribbing stitches (all 160 of them), but I will have to go back and re-block before I seam up the sides and attach the sleeves. But, a good bath in some Euclan will do it some good and I'm not in the mad rush that I was yesterday. Now I can take a breath and finish.

I ripped out the toe on the first sockee. Didn't fit my sisters foot at all. So, back to a different toe. I had left the second sock at work all weekend by mistake, so I was unable to make any progress on it. But, with the hoodie crisis out of the way, I can start knitting on it again at home instead of just on my lunch.