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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Next Big Thing?

I finished seaming S's heart sweater last night. A trip in the wash/dryer today and it will be ready to wrap. I made labels following Grumperina's directions, and they came out really cute. Good thing the hubby is good with Photoshop! I'll post a picture after I sew it in tonight.

M's red sweater is coming along. The body and one sleeve are done. Let me tell you - Cotton Ease and bamboo DPN's just don't mix. The yarn sticks to the needles way too much. Grab central. Luckily, they are tiny sleeves and only take a night to do. I should have the sweater done this weekend. (then maybe I can start working on the sockees again! The poor things have been neglected as of late!)

In pondering my next sweater project, I wanted to a) use up some of my stash and b) wanted something comfy that I could wear often. The sweaters I have made to date are great for their purpose, but aren't "everyday" wears. Banff and Top Secret are super warm, and Hope is a bit cropped, and a spring/fall wear. I do wear my Dolman quite a bit, so I wanted something similar weight.

The Outback Wool I got at MD S&W last year for $4/skein has been languishing in the stash, so I decided that it should be the next to be knitted up. Since it's varigated (pretty pink/brown tones) it had to be something relatively simple. I'm also limited by the yardage I have (3 400yd skeins) as it is discontinued and I can't get any more. I looked at doing the "Not Your Standard Issue Sweatshirt" from the Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits, but I already have the yarn and pattern for the very similar if not the same Cynthia hoodie from Berroco. So, I browsed my pattern spreadsheet (yes, I am that organized) by gauge and found this cute hoodie from the recent Fall 2005 VK. It is cute and just a little different with the low V neck and ribbing. I think it may be ok in the varigated yarn also. So, right now, that is the main contender. I do still have to do my gauge swatch and see if it was meant to be. Hopefully it will be on the needles this weekend.

I joined Lolly's Project Spectrum. It looks like a nice way to incorporate new colors into my days - and it doesn't have to be knitting! I have been itching to do some dying, so that may be March's task with the red theme. I love using color, and it should be fun to see what other people do!