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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just A Little Seaming

The heart sweater is done! I just have to seam the sides and the bottoms of the arms. The neck was easy thanks to my handy dandy 12" circular! Luckily it was just the size I needed as I used the same needles for this as I did for my hourglass. I think after a good run through the washer and dryer the stitches will even out a bit. Pretty darn cute!

I also worked some on the M's red sweater. I am done with the body, and cast on to my DPN's for the first sleeve. It is the exact same construction as my Hourglass, everything in the round, which is nice. The sleeves are going to be a bit slower going on the DPN's. The bamboo catches the yarn and has a bit too much grip. I may see if I have an old metal pair laying around (I had a few I inherited) or just do Magic Loop with my Denises. I think it will make it go quicker.

I am so itching to start another pair of Jaywalkers. I love the first pair I did, and the pattern was great and fit perfectly. My only problem - no yarn! I literally have no sock yarn in my stash right now! I have a few skeins up for sale/swap as I don't think I'll ever use them, but other than that, my sock stash runs dry.

Browsing through Ebay a few weeks ago I found a seller called "The Knotty Sheep". She has some great handpainted yarns, and I loved how they were varigated and didn't look stripey at all. I emailed her asking if she had any orange or yellow in the works (I have been DYING for a fire themed pair of socks!) and we had a great email exchange and she will dye some up for me when she gets her yarn shipment in! Yipee! She was really nice and friendly, and I can't wait to get the yarn. Of course, you will see it here when it appears at my door.

We had a quick snow last night - only about an inch or so. At least the roads were only wet this morning, not like Monday when it took me 4 times longer than usual to get to work in the morning!

Last night was our first night with only 2 dogs in about three weeks! It was very quiet and a little more empty. It was so much fun having the six dogs - a bit chaoitic, but very entertaining! Now, to clean the house....