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Monday, January 30, 2006

Like Yarn through the Needles....

I sported my spiffy, blocked, comfy-cozy Hourglass yesterday! It fits perfectly, and it was very comfortable next to my skin. With seeing how great it fit, I'm tempted to make another if I find about 1100 yds of a great yarn. I may (emphasize may) be tempted to use the 501 in my stash if I could do a gauge adjustment project. We'll see. Backburner project for later (though it would be perfect dog show knitting - endless stockinette!)

The heart sweater got washed, dryed, labeled, wrapped and gifted all in 24 hours! S's mom loved it, and when I arrived at their house before the party, S was sporting the striped sweater I made her last year. For grins, we laid out both sweaters to see if there was a size difference. I have to say, if there was 1/4" difference it was a lot. It should be a perfect fit. I think next year I may do a cardigan for her. Something cute with a hood. And, not in a cotton blend! Two of those is plenty, though the one from the Lily yarn I made last year is wearing like iron!

My sister and I made cupcakes for the party. S wanted Miffy, so Miffy she got. We made little chocolates for each of the cupcakes. Thank goodness she is a simple line drawing! They were pretty darn fast and easy, and S ate 4 of them before the night was done. They were quite a hit.I finally finshed the first Sockee. I have had a bunch of gift knitting on the needles and have woefully negelected these socks. I am enjoing them when I have had time to knit on them. The 2nd should go quicker than the first. I also wanted my sister to try them on before I started my decreases just to make sure. After these, my sock stash is down to nil. Scary. I am planning in the back of my head to buy a pound of Kona from the co-op. Then I can do some serious dying!

The placket neck is done. I decided after knitting it not to do a placket, but just a slit or slight v neck. M isn't a fan of "stuff" around his neck, so I was afraid the placket may be too high. I'll do the same K3P2 ribbing around the neck. I had to make a few modifications to the stitch count to get it to come out divisible by 5, but it was only adding 2 stitches in the end. The color is great, the cotton ease I'm getting less fond of the more I knit with it. It splits a bunch, but you can't knock the ease of care. I think after this project I am officially done with it for a bit until I recover from cottoneaseitis. I still have a bunch in the stash, but I am going to trade off some of the colors I don't think I'll use.

I swatched for the Outback Hoodie, cast on and did about 3 rows of the back ribbing.

I love the colors! Very me.

The mailman was also very good to me on Saturday. I got a bunch of stuff I traded for over on the Knittyboard. From Catherine I got 2 pattern books I have been coveting for as long as I have been knitting. Patons Street Smarts and Chunky Knits.

There are a few Street Smart patterns I want to delve into, and the cabled hoodie in Chunky Knits that cosmicpluto mentions here. I think between these 2 books, I have about 4 sweaters to make! It will give me a nice list for MD in a few months. And, if not, I still have my Elann vouchers, and have been itching to try some Highland stuff - not sure which one though. I also got a ball of Wool Ease sport weight which is destined for a pair of comfy socks. It's nice to get yarn with a plan attached already!

Another trade yeilded me 6 skeins (3 purple, 3 light gray heather) of Patons Country Garden DK. Another pair of socks and/or handwarmers for that stuff. I love trading! It has been nothing but great stuff!

My first agility match is this Thursday and Friday. I'm really excited. Tucker and I have been doing some practice runs this week, and I have been working hard on him getting his weave poles. He won't have them 100% by the match, but that's ok. Practice makes perfect.