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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Planning, not knitting

We have a great New Years Eve party every year - a bunch of friends, lots of good food and such a great time. Since some of my best friends live a ways away, they stay over and we do a big breakfast too. It's always a fun time. So, hubby and I have been planning the menu and getting the grocery list together these past few nights. We always try to make a few new things, and a few stand bys that everyone likes.

As you can see, the list is pretty long! (next to the list is hubby's new PS2 game Psychonauts - it is pretty interesting to watch, and the dialogue is hilarious! I guess it got great reviews, but no one bought it - how sad!)

Even the dogs have a good time!

I did manage to knit some on my Hourglass sleeve. I only have a few more inches to do, then another sleeve! I know once the sleeves are done the assembly and yoke knitting will go quick. I also am finished with the gusset decreases and am working on the foot of Jaywalker #2. I have to start the Fuzzy Feet for my dad soon. I need to give them to him in the next few weeks for our belated Channukah get together.

I neglected to show off my biggest and heaviest present this year. Hubby used to be a chef, so he is all about the spices. I love spices too, but I admit, I don't always buy the most expensive or freshest. When you only need 1 teaspoon for one dish and never use the rest, it's hard to shell out $6 for a whole bottle. We have purchased from Penzey's before, they have great spices. Well, hubby decided it was time we replace everything in the spice cabinet! This was presented to me Christmas Day:

Crazy! It had 2 layers and the packing material was laced with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and bay leaves! There must have been 25 jars of spices, blends, a pepper mill and some sauces. Check out the top of the box - no lie -

It was such a great gift, and something I know we will both use and love as we both love to cook! He is the best!!

We also got a bunch of candy from my Mother in Law. Since we always share with the kids - they got to taste some of the Berry Blue Blow Pop.....nice tongues!

I think my next sweater project will be either Tricot or Janda. I am in need of just some comfy sweaters to wear around that aren't really warm. And, with my ginormous stash of Cotton Ease, I see some destashing in the future!