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Monday, December 12, 2005

Lots and Lots of Dogs!

What a weekend. My first "real" dog show (the Bay Colony Cluster in Boston) and it was something to partake! I wandered around and saw all the breeds, watched tons of agility and overall had a blast! It was exhausting - 15 hour days at the Bayside - but worth it. I am now determined to show agility! The people were so nice, and Razz (Terri's top dog) even had a TV spot on WBZ! (look close - he is the one going through the weave poles!)

I didn't do really any knitting - I managed 3 repeats of the Jaywalker socks and that was about it. I plan on getting back on track tonight. I also started the Irish Hiking Scarf - very easy and I got 2 repeats done before we left on Thursday for Boston. I have completely stopped on my Hourglass. The body is done, but the sleeves are knit on 12" circulars. My Denises only go down to 17", so that left me in a quandry. No one sells 12" circs. I ended up ordering some on Ebay - plastic Clover circulars like the ones that they have at World Knit. The shipping was only $0.75 on Ebay vs. the $4.50 from World Knit. Since I didn't need anything else, Ebay it was. Now I wait......and so does Hourglass....

I also got my SP gift! I saw the box on the counter last night when I got home, opened it, smiled with glee, and promptly fell asleep. I am really looking forward to delving into it with gusto when I get home from work today!

We got about 15" of snow, and the dogs are really enjoying it. I have some pictures, but have been too exhausted to download them yet!