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Thursday, December 08, 2005

First Steps

Jaywalker is on it's way! I'm done with the ribbing, and I am really liking the magic loop technique. My hands were really aching after doing Dublin Bay - I'd sit and work on them for a while and the way I had to hold my hands to use the DPN's made them a bit sore afterwards. I'm glad I have the skill of using DPN's - I know I will use them in the future, but for now, I'll use magic loop. The 24" circular is ok to use - I can see why a longer one would be a bit easier, but since I have it on hand (and I have 2 from doing the 2 socks on 2 circs!) I'll stick with it.

I like this KnitPicks Garden yarn also. It is soft and a bit "lofty" compared to some other sock yarns I've tried. It isn't splitting nearly as much as the Kroy, which is nice. The color is perfect! Pansy - a mix of black, magenta, purple and yellow! I'm not sure how/if it will pool, but I don't really care - I know a bunch of people dislike when it pools, but I kind of like it!

As for Hourglass, I'm at the point where I put stitches on holders for the underarms, and split for the yoke. Now, I just have to find a circular to do the sleeves on. My Denises wouldn't go small enough. Off to the store today.

My last SP package got mailed yesterday. This round was a lot of fun - both giving and getting! I really loved finding things to mail - giving surprises is just as fun as getting them!

I'm headed for the Bay Colony Dog Show this weekend. Along with Terri (who owns the daycare/training facility I bring the boys to) who is showing 3 of her dogs in both agility and breed. I'm bringing Tucker along to participate in the On Course For Kids charity event. Terri has done it every year since it's inception, and it looks like a lot of fun! Plus, it will get him out and about and used to a show environment.

We are supposed to get about 7-9" of snow tomorrow. At least I'll be inside the Bayside Expo Center all weekend!