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Thursday, October 27, 2005

This Socks

Ok - I think I have sock issues. Not the typical Second Sock Syndrome (though I may have a touch of that) but an issue on a greater level. I have started this same stinkin' sock about 6 times now - different cast ons, different yarn, different pattern. I just can't get going. I did about 4 repeats of the Retro Rib pattern and I think the pattern is truly getting lost in the yarn. Varigated yarn was probalby not the best choice. I do like the pattern - so maybe I will start a pair of solid color socks with it. I have some light grey Kroy Socks in the stash. So, once again I am ripping out socks. Seems like I rip out way more than I knit lately. I have decided on the Dublin Bay Socks for the varigated yarn. Since the model is shown in varigated, I have a pretty good idea that my yarn will work ok for it.

My knitting partner in crime, Heather, did an adorable sock out of a pink heather colored worsted weight yarn with off white heels and toes. They are just too cute and cozy looking. I think I may have to make a pair.....(yeah, right - I can't seem to get past the ribbing on any sock lately!)

On a more positive note, two good things: Banff is coming along great - I'm another ball into it, and almost done with the back (probalby finish it tonight during Survivor/CSI).
Second good thing: I left work yesterday, opened the door and saw this!

Amazing. I don't think I have seen the sun in quite some time. The clouds were those big, huge puffy kind, and man, were they moving! It was really windy.