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Monday, October 31, 2005

Apples and Banff and Socks - Oh My!

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend weatherwise - yesterday was low 60's with not a cloud to be found anywhere. The friends we were supposed to go apple picking with a few weeks back (got rained out) came to our house and we went and picked a whole bunch of apples! We were shocked - some of the trees didn't even look like they had even been touched yet!

The view was beautiful....

On the knitting front, I got both the front and back of Banff done, along with a chunk of one sleeve. Quick knit! They are blocking so when I get the sleeves done I can start assembling. The Dublin Bay sock is coming along - have about 4" of the leg done (didn't work on it that much this weekend - more of a during the week knit). I also swatched for the Hourglass sweater using some Outback Wool I got at MDS&W last year. It's a really pretty varigated pink/brown. I'm not so sure it will be "next to skin soft" but I guess only a knit up will tell. I hear it's a quick knit also, so that will most likely be my next project!

I'm glad Fall is back this week - maybe I can finally get the lawn fertilized!