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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sleeve City

I am so close to the "sweater in a week" goal - I started (re-started actually) the Red Planet Cardi last week at knit group. I hope to finish it there tonight (or tonight at Heather's vacuuming out the water from her basement!). I have 95% of the first sleeve done with only a few inches and some ribbing to do. I ended up switching to DPN's very early on as the circs were just not small enough around and it was getting to be real annoying. By some act of fate, I actually have #11 DPN's from a pair of mittens I made. They are working perfectly. Much easier and faster than scooching the stiches around the circ. I didn't do nearly as many decreases as she did in the original pattern. The yarn is much bulkier, so I want a much roomier sleeve. Plus, I have a lot less stitches to begin with.

I have ripped out and restarted the same sock 4 times now. For some reason I insist on experimenting with new and exciting cast ons. I started with my standard long tail on #3's. Too loose. Switched to the German Twisted on the same #3's. Good cast on, but I got about 4 rows into the stockinette past the ribbing and, sigh, too loose again. Try again. This time I tried the German Twisted on #2's. Better, but still not great fabric density. I don't have anything smaller, so in my need to learn something out of this whole experience, I ripped out again and tried a provisional cast on to work toe up (yeah, change one thing, may as well change the way I'm knitting the whole sock!). I like it, but really don't want to go to a smaller needle. I am afraid it will take so long to complete the sock I won't want to do another! This sock yarn (Fortissima Colori) seems much thinner than what I've used in the past. So, we'll see.....

I also went to the Sheep Shack after work yesterday. When I was there for the Yarn Harlot book signing, I spied a completed Banff sweater hanging above my head. It was done in beautiful Manos. I have the yarn for this sweater - in fact it was my very first stash addition 10 long months ago. I have been on the fence about knitting it as I've seen some completed ones look not so flattering on their knitters. Some looked great (like Alison's) which made me keep the yarn and not use it as of yet. So, 9 skeins of Tahki Soho Bulky Tweed in a great dark green sit in a bin, waiting....until now. I tried the sweater on at the store and it fit great, looked great. Roomy and comfortable - perfect for a snowy day with jeans. My next project found.