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Monday, October 17, 2005

Water water everywhere!

What a week - it rained for I think 8 or 9 days straight here - a total of about a foot of rain from what I hear. Saturday we had washed out roads, flooded roads - water everywhere. It was strange seeing things totally under water! This is where we go to walk/run the dogs - the bench is usually about 7' from the water line....

This is a shot of what used to be a boat ramp area - the trees are about where the water usually comes to!

Luckily, most of the water has receeded and stuff is drying out.

On the knitting front, this bulky yarn is making this sweater fly! I used about 6 balls this weekend and have this to show for it:

I put the sleeve stitches on holders, and I'm about 5 or 6" into the body. I'm hoping to really get a good chunk done tonight (the rest of the body at least) and have it done for Wednesday's knit group. A sweater in a week - can't beat that! I do have to get/install the zipper too, but I can still wear it without it. The yarn is tiring to work with - since it's fleecy, it tends to not slide against each other that well, but it is very soft and cuddly! This is going so quick I haven't decided what to make next!

I started another pair of ankle socks with some yarn my bud Heather got me. It's very pretty blues with some white. I used the Old Norwegan/German Twisted Cast On for the first time. It was easy once I got the hang of it, and it looks a lot neater than my usual long tail cast on. I do have to learn a new join though - mine always look messy. Practice makes perfect I guess, so more socks to come!