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Monday, October 03, 2005

It's all fun and sleeves.....

I made some good progress on the sleeves for Hope, about 9" done.

I'm really wanting to finish this by Sunday so I can wear it apple picking. I'm not sure it's a realistic goal, but I'm going to try! I just have to finish the sleeves, pick up the stitches and do the collar, and seam it together - doesn't seem like much (I know better!)

The mailman was quite good to me this past week. My sister and I had a blast winding all our yarn (as well as my bud Heather's!) on our new swift and winder!

We had a great set up on the kitchen table - it was the perfect distance apart!
I looove the neat little cakes of yarn it makes!
We did probalby 30 balls of yarn in less than an hour! The ones that weren't in hanks were a little more challenging, but were still fun. I will never have messy balls of yarn again! Yipee!