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Monday, October 03, 2005

Breakfast and yarn, what could be better?

I went to my first Knitters Breakfast at Fabric Place on Saturday. Glad we got there early! I saw when we checked in that there were almost 100 people pre-registered! We grabbed seats at the front near the piles of Classic Elite sweaters and yarn. They did a great trunk show! By the time it started, the room was overflowing. They put out a great spread - tons of fruit, some mini bagles, pastries and lots of coffee! It was nice to sit and munch on my fruit and watch the yarn go by. I saw a few patterns I liked (it was nice to be able to see them knit up in person!) - they had most if not all of the sweaters from the Noble Knits,First Edition and Tweed Three books (the green jacket on the cover was a huge hit - the yarn was scratchy, but the design was nice!). We got to touch everything! For a non-yarn store, they have a huge selection. I didn't get anything, but my sister won a bag of yarn (Classic Elite Minnie) and I won a Knitscene magazine that isn't even out yet! All the raffle prizes were bags of yarn and books - at one point they gave away 20 (yes 20) skeins of alpaca!!! It was a lot of fun and I'd do it again in a minute! They had a big basket of yarn samples on a table. Towards the end, the woman just told people - "take as much as you want!" so, I grabbed a handful - I ended up with these: (also in the picture are the 2 patterns I got on clearance for a few bucks from Artful Yarns)

More details on the new toys that came and a Hope update!