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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On to the sleeves

I finished the front panel for Hope last night. I will cast on the sleeves today, trying the 2 at a time method and see how it goes. They should be pretty straight forward - no big cable, just the cable twists. I ended up re-writing the chart in Excel as the chart they provided didn't go up to the number of stitches I had to ultimately increase to. So, I just re-did it. Now, no thinking, just knitting!

We have delayed the start of the red planet cardi's by a week to give us both time to finish up/make a big dent in our current WIP's. That way we can crank out the cardi in no time! I may have to start thinking about what I want to make next already - I've been pretty much exclusively working on Hope to get it done as she had such a rocky, slow start, and the steering wheel cover is good mindless fill in time knitting, but after the sleeves, I need my next adventure! Should it be this Rebecca sweater? Maybe BPT or Bomber out of the charcoal Naturelle 8/8 I got? I also picked up some Rowan Linen Print in "Crush" off of the KR forum. I still need to get about 4 balls to make Anna or Dee - I have been eyeing both for a while but never had the funds for the yarn. I called the Knitting Garden and they have the same dyelot and everything! (I suspect it was purchased there originally). I just have to go get it.

At least I have a few days to ponder what I'll do next. I have to swatch up the Naturelle to make sure I can get gauge with it (always an adventure).

On an up note, the weather has taken a great fall feel the past few days. This morning it was only about 45 degrees out! Brrrrr! But, that means sweater weather! Yipee! And apple picking weather! We are going next weekend up to NH with a bunch of friends. Apple picking and (our all time favorite) Constantly Pizza with friends - a perfect day!

My SP gift is on it's way to my giftee. I hope she likes it!