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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Day After Halloween! (and SP6 strikes again!)

Had a really fun Halloween - a house overflowing with dogs and candy. Who could ask for more! I did feel bad - hubby is very sick and managed in his drug induced state to sleep through 6 barking dogs and the doorbell every 2 minutes. The barking did subside after about 15 trick or treaters though (thank goodness!). I had quite a few kids - I got the BIG bags of candy at the warehouse store as people bring (literally) minivan loads of kids into our neighborhood to go house to house. I went through about 3 of the 5 bags I got. Not too bad. Inbetween answering the "trick or treat!" calls, this is what I was faced with:

My friend Terri brought her 4 aussies over to play while she took her daughter out. We had fun!!! I love their little jester collars.

I also came home to a great surprise (2 actually). My mom and dad sent their annual Halloween package filled with all sorts of goodies including the sugar cookies that hubby loves and this - my 2nd SP gift!

A whole bunch of stuff with a fall theme. There was cranberry plum lotion and body scrub, beautiful Crystal Palace yarns (have to figure out what to do with 1 skein of each - suggestions?) the Knitticism's book (looks like a fun read) all pacakged up so pretty!!! Yipee!

I'm one repeat away from starting the heel of the Dublin Bay sock - I can't decide how long I want the leg. I have about 50 more rows of sleeve 1 for Banff and the back is dry from blocking. I'm hoping (really hoping) to be done with the knitting part before we leave for NJ on Friday (sister in law's wedding).

I hope everyone had a great, fun Halloween and didn't get sick of too much candy!