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Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Wonderful Day

I had a great day last week (yes, a little late in posting). I spent most of the day with my mother in law doing crafty things out in her neck of the woods. We first went to the Fiber Arts Center for an exhibit on felted things. It was so neat! There were a bunch of felted bags and animals (my favorite was the penguins!)
I took a few photos so I can maybe get some inspiration to make a felted bag or two. The felted sheep look like fun too. I think they'd make great gifts on a smaller scale (a whole herd!)

Then, we stopped at Valley Fabric where I had a gift certificate she had given me for the holidays last year. I'd just been itching to use it! I found some great fabric that I think will look great for curtains (2 years in the house and still no curtains!), and they had Marimekko fabric! I had Marimekko wallpaper as a kid, and I love their designs. Very clean, crisp and simple, yet the colors are beatiful and bright! I bought a fat quarter to admire at home and figure out where I could use it. It will end up somewhere, just not sure where yet! I still have some money left on the gift certificate, so it guarantees another trip back there!

Last, we went to Webs as I needed a set of #3 DPN's (they are HARD to find!). We did browse around a little (how could you not?)and I got some yarn for my SP, and she got some yarn for a steering wheel cover that I plan on making her.

On an actual knitting note, I only have about 2" to go for the back of Hope before I start the decreases for the armhole. It has been hard and headache inducing, but very much drilling in cabling skills!

Today is the last day for SP5. I am getting my box ready to mail tomorrow out to my SP, Michelle in NY, and I hope she likes it. It has been fun to both be and give to SP!!! On to SP6!