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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sunny Times

What a beautiful long weekend. Every day was high 70's and not a cloud in the sky. Couldn't ask for better weather! I love this time of year. The days are warm and the nights are cool (almost cold!). Perfect for sleeping.
I finished the Sprite footies - not sure who they are going to yet. I have a few recipeients in mind. I also started the decreases for the armhole on Hope. It is going so much easier now. I almost have the pattern memorized, which makes it go a bit smoother and quicker. Still steady and slow, but progress none the less.

I'm anxious for fall - sweater wearing weather! :)

My dad was so nice and managed to pick up my Rebecca 28 that I wanted at a knitting shop near him (saves shipping!). It is my first copy, and I really like it. The names of the sweaters are not too creative ("Sweater with Cable Pattern") but the styles seem pretty classic and not too out there. I found about 3 or 4 I'd like to make in this issue alone! My inspiration to buy it came from seeing the Sweater with Diagonal Ribs and Cables on Domesticat's blog. I loved it and I'll have to make one for me. I like being able to find finished objects of projects I'm thinking of - they usually persuade me one way or the other from making them. Banff is another one I'm on the fence about. I got the Soho Bulky Tweed for a steal on Ebay last year. But after seeing how unhappy some people were with it, I'm not sure I want to make it. I'm not sure how the high ribbing would look. But, it looks like such a comfy cozy sweater, I may just have to try it at the risk of frogging. But, I have to finish Hope first....good motivation.

The garden is still chugging along spitting out lots of cherry tomatoes, zuccini and that's about it. I think the cherry tomato plant choked out the "regular" tomato plant. None of those to be found. Now I know, so better garden layout planning for next year!