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Monday, September 26, 2005

We (they) are the Champions!

Had a really fun weekend - I went to my first dog show/agility trial with the owner of Collinswood (the facility I take the boys to for daycare and agility). She took along 3 of her dogs and 2 of them finished off their championships! They can now put that prized "Ch." in front of their names!
HMM Agility

The third got a few more legs for his agility title! What a perfect day - the weather was quite chilly in the morning, but warmed up really nicely. I started out in jeans and a fleece, changed to shorts and a tank, then ended up back in jeans and a fleece! I managed to knit a little between classes and watching all the other dogs run the agility course. A few people came over and asked about the steering wheel cover (it looks like a scarf at this point!) and comment on the yarn. It was nice to see a lot of non-purebreds competing. Gives me hope!

I managed to work a bit on Hope - I am probalby 10 or so rows away from finishing the back!!! I'm thinking I can cast on for a sleeve today. I was thinking about doing both sleeves at the same time. Haven't done that yet, but seems like now's a good time to try it! The cable twist is the same on the sleeves, one in one direction, one in the other. This sweater will be full of firsts! Now, just crossing the fingers that it will fit!