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Friday, September 23, 2005

For Me?

I knew it was coming, but it was still a surprise when I got it! I got home last night from the Yarn Harlot at the Sheep Shack, and much to my glee, a little priority mail box was sitting on the counter! I immediately tore it open (well, cut it open very carefully, but the passion was there!) and reveled in what was inside:

A very pretty ball of pastel chunky yarn, an Addi needle, some Euclean wool wash and a pattern for a quick knit hat, along with a very sweet note! Until now, I have NEVER touched an Addi needle. I have heard tons about them, read about them on forums, but just never got one. Now, I have one, have the yarn and a pattern to use it with! Yipee! I feel spoiled already. The gift was perfect! Thank you SP!!!!

Earlier that night before the excitement ensued at home, I went with my friend Heather to the Yarn Harlot signing. She was absolutely hilarious. I really recommend going if she is in your area! I laughed out loud several times as she told stories and gave "knitting meditations".

It was my first time at the Sheep Shack, and I really liked it. The owner, Christina, was really nice and helpful. Plus, they had tons of great yarn, including Rowan! I will be heading back there!

I also worked a bit on the steering wheel cover - until the ball of yarn turned into a tangled mess of stuff. The slubs (or whatever they are) make knitting a bit interesting, but make unwinding the ball even more interesting. They catch, then snag, then wrap themselves around the non-slubby part of the yarn. Sigh. I left it in a heap for my ever patient sister to untangle. Since the yarn is so textural, a knot won't even show. A shot for your viewing pleasure of what I've done so far: The colors are very autumnal - appropriate for the first day of fall!