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Friday, September 09, 2005

Short and not so sweet

After 2 more attempts at the socks, I gave up. I just either am totally missing something with this pattern, or I am not meant to knit them! I go along all well and good, get about 3 rows in and something happens. I have no idea what/when/how, but I either end up doing 1/2 of one row and 1/2 of another, or counting wrong or other little knitting gnome sabotage. I think I am going to put them down for the weekend and start again next week. I will conquer them!

After starting at the 15 balls of Panda sitting in the closet, I think I have a pattern - Cosmicpluto Top Down Cardi. It was written for a 4 or 5 sts gauge, but I re-wrote it for the Panda 3 stitch gauge. I think it will (hopefully, fingers crossed) make a nice toasty zip front jackety thing for fall. I'm calling it the Red Planet Cardi in honor of the pattern writer's ethereal name and the beautiful, rich red red color of the yarn. I should have enough yardage as the original calls for 700 yards of worsted, and I have about 800 yards. (maybe a matching hat or mittens with any leftovers!) I think I will be OK with needles as my Denise set goes up to #15's. If not, I think I have a pair of (gasp!) Susan Bates #17 circulars laying around somewhere. One thing for sure, this will be a quick knit!

Having a HUGE yard sale at my parents house tomorrow - trying to clean out the house (even though we've only been in it 2 years, it's amazing what you accumulate!), and aquire some stash money for me, and computer toy money for the hubby. Let's hope for a good turnout!