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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Of Hope and Frustration

I have made it to the armhole decreases on the back of Hope! Yipee! I'm actually finding it a bit easier as I go, and a bunches easier thanks to the cool magnetic board my sister picked up for me. Much easier to follow along using the magnet strips then the sticky notes I was using. I think I may be able to finish the back today (fingers crossed if I get knitting time).

I cast on for the Diagonal Rib socks last night - 3 times. I did a swatch gauge on #3 needles (I usually have to go up a size) and no luck. I finally got gauge with the #4's. I'm hoping the fabric will be firm enough. It is the same size needle I knit the ankle socks in, so I think it will be OK. The first cast on I got about 4 rows in and something just wasn't right as my stitch count didn't end up correct at the end of needle #2. Mistake 2 rows back. Frog. Cast on again. I always count the cast on stitches twice as well as using markers every 10 stitches so I can idiot proof the counting. Apparently not. Realized after joining and completing 1st round that I was missing 2 stitches (??). Third time's a charm, right? There is something with this diagonal rib pattern that I must be missing. I seem to be able to do it fine for a few rows, then something goes horribly wrong. No idea what, but all of a sudden, the stitches aren't lining up and the world spins the other way. Frog again. I cast on again, but left it at that. I will pick it up again tonight. I'm not sure if the varigated yarn is helping or hurting. I may switch and use a light grey solid I have in my stash and save the varigated for the Dublin Bay socks. But, I REALLY love how Julia's turned out in varigated yarn. I'll try again and see what I think.....

On a non-knitting note, check out the boys! They are on their 5th agility class and look at them go! Wheeeee!