------------------------------- ------------------------------------ On and Off The Needles

Monday, September 12, 2005

I did it - Sigh.

Well, after finding another mistake back about 5" in Hope, I frogged it back. (one was a cable boo boo, the other was a whole row out of another part of the chart - how I didn't see it as I went, I have no idea!) It was heartbreaking as I was doing it, watching the hours of work and frustration get ripped away. But as I reknit, it felt good to know that it was not the end of the world, and though it may have set me back a few days, it is now right and perfect, not just "close".

Ripping back the cable twists was interesting. Thanks to some good advice and a semi pep talk from reading alison's saga of ripping back her cables. Since I do twists every 4 stitches every other row, I ripped back to a WS row to ensure I didn't have to orient the twisted stitches as well. Finding where I was on the chart was another adventure. I used the large center cable as well as the smaller side cables as my GPS, and after a few minutes, I located what the next row should be. I did twist some stitches putting them back on the needle, but I twisted them back to correct as I knit them. So, overall it was VERY scary at the beginning, but now, I feel a whole lot better!

Once I download the pictures from the camera, I'll have before and after pics to show, as well as some of my now gone mistakes!

The diagonal rib socks are taunting me - the yarn sitting wound into a ball on top of the pattern, needles laying next to them. Maybe tonight.....