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Friday, August 12, 2005

It's been hotter than hades!

This is getting crazy. It has been almost 90 degrees out the past however many days (it is really starting to seem like forever). I know it's summer, and it's supposed to be hot, but it's also been so humid - you sweat bending down to pick up a penny you find on the street! This is New England - the weather is SUPPOSED to change every 5 minutes, yet it's been the same for a few weeks now - hazy, hot and humid. It makes doing any outside activities just miserable (except for swimming). I'm hoping it will break soon (that's what the weather guys keep saying it will do)and I can resume doing the outdoor stuff I'm really missing. On an up note to the heat, the tomatoes are loving it! The cherry tomato plant is producing like mad!

On the "Hope"ful side, I ripped out the 4 rows of cabling I had done incorrectly back down to the original ribbing. I then took the chart, blew it up on the copier and used highlighters, colored pencils and post it notes to make it workable and readable. I then reknit the 4 rows. They look correct now, and I think I'm starting to maybe get the hang of reading the chart. I do have to find a fatter cable needle that will stay put when I put the stitches on it. The one I have is a thinner metal one shaped like a hook and it slides. It's good for once in a while bigger cables, but for making them every 3 stitches, I think I'll shift into DIY mode and make one out of the leftover dowel I have from making some DPN's a few months back.

Hubby had a great agility practice with the boys last night. They are so smart!