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Friday, August 19, 2005

Free Lunch

The weather finally broke and it has been beautiful - no humidity, high 70's to low 80's, sunny - overall perfect! I've been continuing to get lots of tomatoes and zuccini from the garden, but started to notice some of the tomatoes were already 1/2 eaten! Who could be only eating 1/2 a tomato? I saw some droppings, and my first thought was "mice?" but I wasn't sure their appetite for tomatoes. After picking a few non-snacked on fruits, I saw what I thought was a flower (though it was strange that all of a sudden my tomato plant, whose flowers were always yellow, was now sprouting white long flowers??) but, upon closer inspection I saw this:

Ick! So, I snipped him off, and then, after looking around, found about 20 of his closest relatives. Some obviously have been eating quite a bit - they were HUGE! I snipped off however many I could find, then resorted to chemical means. I sprayed down the plant with Sevin (thanks Dad!) and haven't seen another hornworm since. Good riddance!

On the knitting front, I'm slowly working on Hope. I got one more repeat of the cable done, so it is starting to look ok, but the chart is slowing me down. I know it will go faster once I get more comfortable with it, but for now, it's a slow process. The wrong sides go pretty fast, but the right sides take me a bit to do. Oh well. When it gets done, it gets done! I have yarn picked out from my stash for another pair of BMG footies, and I cast on for Stella's Skirt. It should only take me a night or 2.